Lakers’ Latest Injury Report About LeBron Exposes Star’s Dealing With ‘Complex’ Problem

LeBron James put Lakers fanbase in panic mode after Christmas Day as he suffered a serious groin injury. However, latest injury report shows that his condition is more than serious.

King James was on the sidelines since the match against the Golden State. He had to stay on the sideline and watch his teammates lose almost every game while trying to recover. Lakers’ medical team re-assessed LeBron yesterday, but could not determine a return date as suggested by the latest injury report. LeBron will have another re-assessment for next Friday.

Latest injury report said it all

NBA reporter Brandon Robinson said sources close to the team told him that the player will be ruled out for a couple of months due to his situation.

“Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James injury is more complex than what has been initially reported, I’m told. Per Lakers source: LeBron could rushed back and return at the end of January. But he could very well be out until the end of February, or even longer,” Robinson tweeted.

The team released a statement yesterday in order to ease fans’ fears.

“LeBron James was evaluated by team medical staff and physicians today. The healing of James’ groin injury is progressing and James has been cleared to increase on-court functional basketball movements. A further update will be provided on January 16,” the statement read.

NBA legend Scottie Pippen urged the front office to take their time with LeBron’s recovery.

“You can see in their scheduling that what another week could do for LeBron James. We’re going to be expecting him to take the long haul in terms of finishing out through the All-Star break and going through the season. Any time you can rest LeBron James – you know it’s hard to get him off the court from an injury or anything – is valuable to your team. It’s great to see the Lakers play without him and have some success without him as well, just a little bit. It’s getting the other guys to play harder. It’s easy to play hard when you’ve got LeBron James because your winning percentage goes up.”

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