LeBron Injury: NBA Legend Pleads With Lakers To Drop ‘Valuable’ Health Decision

LeBron James missed too many games due to his groin injury, but the Los Angeles Lakers should not rush him back to the court. Will this be a good decision for the team? Are the Lakers doing the right thing about this LeBron injury?

Well, that’s what NBA legend Scottie Pippen said. He was pretty certain about the whole LeBron injury thing.

King James missed the last nine games of his team. The Lakers’ loss to the Utah Jazz was probably the worst bullet LeBron’s teammates received. No Laker scored more than 17 points. Yes, LeBron’s absence was felt during that game.

The Lakers are 3-6 without their star player, and are now at the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. Their record is 23-20, and the Jazz are just one game behind.

LeBron was re-evaluated

King James will sure miss a few more games, including the one against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls. He will be re-evaluated on January 16, right before the trip to Oklahoma City.

There is no guarantee for his return, and he is only doing standstill shooting. LeBron will probably step up his rehab in the next few days.

LeBron’s absence had a terrible effect on the team in their effort to become contenders.

If you ask Pippen, he will say that the Lakers have to take as much time as possible putting LeBron in the game.

“You can see in their scheduling that what another week could do for LeBron James. We know how much he carries the team. We’re going to be expecting him to take the long haul in terms of finishing out through the All-Star break and going through the season.”

“Any time you can rest LeBron James – you know it’s hard to get him off the court from an injury or anything – is valuable to your team. It’s great to see the Lakers play without him and have some success without him as well, just a little bit. It’s getting the other guys to play harder. It’s easy to play hard when you’ve got LeBron James because your winning percentage goes up.”

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