Josh Gordon Sends Amazing Patriots Message After Playoff Win

Josh Gordon left the New England Patriots, but he is definitely following every step his teammates make.

After the big Divisional Round win over the Chargers, Josh Gordon honored the big win on his Instagram story. He gave props to Julian Edelman for his excellent performance, and congratulated the team for making the AFC Championship Game.

“Alright bubs!! Keep it going fellas!!!” he captioned the pic of him and Julian Edelman.

The NFL suspended Josh Gordon for failing the substance abuse policy. He also stepped away from the field in order to work on his mental health. Gordon was excellent during his time with the Patriots, and his departure was a huge loss for everyone.

Edelman was awesome, and Josh Gordon knows it

Gordon had every right to praise Edelman as he had a star performance. Edelman had nine catches for 151 yards which brought him up the ladder of NFL playoff history.

“It’s pretty cool,” Edelman said of the record. “I grew up in the Bay Area. I grew up close to that family and he’s the [Greatest of All-Time]. Anytime you’re in the same sentence with him, you pinch yourself. It’s pretty cool but it doesn’t mean anything unless you win though.”

The Patriots will be in the AFC Championship for the eighth consecutive year, and that’s an excellent NFL record.

“It’s always important to start fast,” Edelman said. “Especially a 1 o’clock game in the playoffs. I mean that’s your goal. The ability to execute early and get things going sets a lot of things up. It shows that we had a good week of practice, executed well in practice and it carried over and went into the game.”  

The Patriots are playing the Kansas City Chiefs, and we believe that Gordon will follow that game, too.

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