Tom Brady’s Father Broke His Silence On Why Quarterback Was Right To Skip OTAs Before Season

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady skipped the OTAs before the regular season, and that was enough for pundits to start talking about his retirement.

Tom’s father talked about his son’s decision to skip the OTAs, and yes, he knows what he is talking about.

Tom Brady showed everyone that he is not even close to retiring. Some said this is his last year in New England, and even predicted the end of the Belichick-Brady era. We have some bad news for the Patriots haters: Brady will stick around for a while.

Yes, we noticed that Brady had a drop in his numbers this season, but he was amazing in the postseason.

Skipping the OTAs was the right move

“I think he’s very happy where he’s at. And I think it shows,” Tom Sr. said. “I’ve never seen him more delighted than he was than at the end of postgame last week.”

According to the father, Brady was great in the postseason because he skipped the OTAs in the offseason.

“I just think right now he’s very, very content in his life of football,” said Tom Sr. “He was able to spend that time in the offseason, which was very special. You need that. You need a little more rejuvenation than what you need when you’re younger.”

Yes, pundits were wrong. Brady did not skip the OTAs because he was planning to retire. Things did not went downhill for him. It was just his tactics to work things out in the postseason.

The Patriots ended the season in the best way possible, and the best is yet to come. The team arrived in Atlanta, and they are gearing up for the Super Bowl. This will be their ninth Super Bowl appearance. The beginning is not important. It is really important how things turn out at the end.

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