Jason McCourty Reveals Outrageous Tom Brady’s Inside Joke With McCourty Twins

We have heard so many jokes about the McCourty twins. However, you have not heard this one, and it involves Tom Brady.

What’s this joke about? One of the McCourty twins has the full story.

“Every time he sees me and Dev walk, he always goes, ‘All right, guys, move a little closer. All right, spread out.’ And he always says no matter where we’re at in the building, we’re no more than six inches away from each other,” Jason McCourty said Friday. “That’s kind of been an ongoing joke throughout the season.”

Jason is amazed with Tom Brady and his relationship with each and every teammate. Being a teammate with Tom Brady is a huge thing.

The McCourty twins are friends with Brady

“He’s amazing to talk to,” Jason McCourty said. “I think from afar you get to go against him multiple times, you get to study him, you get to see every time you go out and play and you watch the games, you just see how time after time he shows up and shows out. I think being in the same locker room, asking him questions at certain times throughout the year and just sitting on the sideline and listening to him telling stories and something of that nature. I think when you reach the level of greatness that he has, there’s just charismatic guys want to be around and hear about.

“For me, I think I look at myself, I’m like, ‘Man, I’m an old guy. I’ve been in the league for 10 years,’ and Tom’s almost doubled my career. You enjoy the fact that you can talk to him about the history and the different things he’s been through.”

The Patriots are playing the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game. It will be Jason’s first conference title game.

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