Rob Ninkovich Releases Bombshell Statement About Gronkowski Making Playoffs

Patriots fans do hope to see Rob Gronkowski play a little longer than he first said, but it seems like the tight end is up to something else. Gronk contemplated retirement last offseason, and did not have a really great season. The team is now getting ready to face the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday in the divisional-round game, and former Patriots player Rob Ninkovich talked about it.

Ninkovich went on WEEI’s Dale and Keefe, and used the opportunity to say what he thinks about the tight end.

“Yeah, I mean, you look at what happened in the preseason here and, you know, he was potentially going to another team and that doesn’t bode well for moving forward. I don’t think that, necessarily, he’ll be a Patriot, but he says he’s not going to play for another team so I could see him walking away and doing something else,” Ninkovich said.

“I think he’s dealing with something, he’s getting older, we’ve all talked about it. But you hope that there’s, OK three games, right? If you’re going to think about moving on and walking away and you got three games left in your career then you just empty it and say, ‘I’m going to play as hard as I possibly can. I’m going to leave it all out there and that’s it,’” he added.

Gronk was able to catch 47 balls for 682 yards and three touchdowns in 13 games this season. However, Josh Gordon is out of the team now, and the Patriots will need every cell in Gronk’s body to help them win the game. New England is ready to win a third straight Super Bowl, and Gronk better get in shape as soon as possible. Sunday is a big day for the team, and the Chargers are super thrilled about the upcoming match.

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