New England Patriots Sign Danny Etling, Ten Other To Future Deals

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII, and they will not lose too much time resting or celebrating. The team is already getting ready for the next season, and they have just signed eleven players to future/reserve contracts. Quarterback Danny Etling is one of them.

In addition to Danny Etling, the Patriots also added offensive lineman Cole Corston, offensive lineman Jake Eldrenkamp, defensive lineman Trent Harris, defensive lineman Frank Herron, defensive back A.J. Howard, offensive lineman Ryker Matthews, linebacker Calvin Munson, defensive lineman David Parry, wide receiver Damound Patterson and offensive lineman Dan Skipper.

Most of these players were part of the Patriots’ Super Bowl practice squad. New England did not sign cornerback Jomal Wiltz and offensive lineman Tony Adams to future/reserve deal.

Etling did not have a huge role during his first year with the team. However, the Patriots were impressed with his work ethic. Etling was great in the Patriots’ preseason finale against the Giants. The quarterback ran for a 86-yard touchdown and completed a 45-yard pass to bring the team on the 1-yard line in position for a touchdown.

Danny Etling had great time in New England

“I’ve learned a lot, just so far, I’ve been given different tasks and different jobs to do,” Etling said of his experience with the team in November. “ For the most part I’ve just been able to sit there and learn exactly what game day will be like, and the attitude on the sideline, adjusting to different things in the NFL. I get to watch two pretty great quarterbacks in front of me prepare for the game, how they react to things on the sideline, how they adjust, it’s been a blessing and I’m so thankful for it.”

Maybe the Patriots will give Etling a bigger role next season. This is good news for the Patriots nation and pretty much everyone who supports them.

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