Gisele Shares Lovely Photo On Instagram Together With Tom Brady While Skiing In Montana

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen are having some really great time in Montana, and the kids love all the snow. The Brazilian supermodel doesn’t really share things on social media, but when she does the pics are cute and amazing.

Gisele took to her Instagram account to share a selfie of her and Brady, and we love it! No make up, no fancy dresses, no heels, no nothing, and she looks gorgeous! The quarterback and his wife wear their sports gear, and what ca we say, those eyes are kind and warm. You can see they are madly in love with each other.

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Brady is still shocking the Patriots nation as people wait for him to return safe and sound. Knowing that your favorite quarterback is in the mountains trying some challenging jumps doesn’t give you the best feeling in the world, especially if you are hoping for another Super Bowl win.

TB12 even watched some Lindsey films, and found a way to improve his skills. Fans asked him to be careful and return in one piece. But, Brady is one of the most competitive guys on planet Earth, and he isn’t coming home without a reward. Will it be a big kick? Let’s wait and find out.

Brady and his wife have been married for ten years, and they are more in love than ever. The couple celebrated their wedding anniversary this year, and had some fun time on the beach.

The quarterback is using his offseason to get some rest and get ready for the upcoming season. Is he ready for another Super Bowl win? You can bet he is. But, let’s just wait for him to come home first. The family vacation will soon be over, and everyone will return to their normal life. By “normal life” life I mean work.

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