Kyle Kuzma Opens Up About The Relationship With LeBron James

Several teams are getting ready for the postseason, and the Los Angeles Lakers are now focused on the possibility to sign a big player. Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma is interested in the situation in his team. The Lakers will have to find a replacement for Magic Johnson and head coach Luke Walton. Kuzma decided to build a great relationship with his fans, and had a Twitter Q&A session Friday night. He was answering questions about his career and the teammates.

One of the questions involved Kuzma’s favorite Rap Album of all time. “Good kid maad city and victory lap those will never get old,” the Laker wrote.

“What do you feel like you have to work on in the off-season?” and Kuzma wrote, “Everything you’ll see another level no doubt.”

One of his fans were interested in Kuzma’s opinion of LeBron James. Well, we sort of expected this type of answer. “Great teammate but he made me pay for dinner last time even though he had a trillions dollars,” Kuzma wrote.

Another fan wanted to know more about the lessons Kuzma learned from the terrible season. “One thing you can take and learn from a tough season like this year?”

“Staying level headed is key. They love you then they hate you then they love u lol. Opinions of ppl that don’t necessarily matter I could care less now.”

Are you interested in Kuzma’s goal for the season? Well, the young player wants to be an All Star.

Kuzma is the best person to give advice to players in the draft. He wrote, “Everyone getting ready for the draft… be in the best shape of your life.”

Kuzma would love to have dinner with Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. Dining with Lincoln won’t happen, but he may get a chance to eat with the former president.

“I hit boogie with a nice pumpfake and going back the other way he said ‘nice move young fella if you do it again imma clothesline yo ass,’” Kuzma wrote when asked about his favorite rookie moment.

Let’s see how will Kuzma handle the next season?

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