Report: Tom Brady Earned $2.35 Million NFLPA Royalties Last Season

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has just a few more years of his NFL career, but he makes more money than any other player in the league.

Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic confirmed the information of Brady’s earnings. Most of the earnings in the report come from Nike Jersey sales, video games from Electronic Arts and Panini trading cards. This number doesn’t include TB12’s other endorsement deals like the one with Under Armour and UGG.

“New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the oldest position player in the NFL, earned more money than any other player in the last season from the sale of jerseys, video games and trading cards, according to the NFL Players Association’s annual report filed with the Department of Labor,” Kaplan wrote.

“The report, hundreds of pages long, lists every player in the NFL and how much they earned from group licensing, which is when six or more players are used in the same deal. While there are some smaller group deals, most of the money comes in through the union from Electronic Arts, Nike and Panini (trading cards) and then is distributed to the players. Brady earned $2.35 million (so the figure does not include income from his solo endorsements, like those with UGG and Under Armour).”

“(It’s) just truly staggering, because he’s been in the same market, selling the same jersey for 17 years,” Russ Spielman, president of sports marketing at GSE Worldwide, told The Athletic. “You see, Peyton Manning moves markets when he did, and you understand when his jersey goes to the top of the sales. But for Tom, I mean, how many more Patriot fans are there that don’t own his jersey at this point, but it keeps going. It’s awesome to watch.”

The quarterback came on top of the list again this season despite the fact that this number is lower than the $2.5 million he earned last year. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was second on the list at $2 million. Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is third with $1.5 million. Phildelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz earned $1.3 million, and former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles earned $1.2.

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