Tom Brady Trolls Haters With Epic Response To Edelman’s Tweet To Recreate MJ Picture

Robert Kraft hosted the Patriots at his home in Brookline Thursday to celebrate their Super Bowl LIII victory once more and to dish out the team’s championship rings.

The interior of the ring has the team’s motto, “We are all Patriots,” engraved on it, and the side of the massive piece of jewelry also has the phrase, “Still Here” — which became the team’s rallying cry last season

Tom Brady raged Thursday night — pounding beers, dancing with his teammates and showing off his 6th Super Bowl ring.

When it comes to the ring itself, it is fairly extravagant as it features 422 diamonds which totals 9.85 carats. There are six Lombardi trophies on the front and on the sides, there is white gold and some blue sapphire.

His trusty wide receiver Julian Edelman proposed an amazing idea for him. He noted that Brady should recreate the famous Michael Jordan photo where he has all six of his championship rings on his hand.

“Hey @tombrady can we get a real photographer out to make this happen?” Edelman tweeted.

“Jules I JUST put them away, do you have any idea how long that vault combo takes?” Brady replied to his tweet.

As you can see in the video below, Brady clearly doesn’t like to lose at anything, including beer-chugging contests. The Patriots quarterback raced center David Andrews in a beer-drinking contest, as captured in an Instagram story posted Andrews’s wife.

In an Instagram post, Brady said he will “never take these moments for granted,” after the party.

“I had the privilege of speaking to my teammates, my brothers, and our whole extended football family last night as we celebrated our 2018 championship season,” Brady wrote. “I’ll never take these moments for granted and I deeply appreciate everyone who supports us year in and year out. I play for two teams, the Patriots and my family! And of course you our incredible fans. I always try to make you proud, and we couldn’t do it without you. From my family to yours, thank you.”

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