Do These Stats Debunk Notion That Tom Brady Is A Checkdown Quarterback?

Tom Brady gathered an army of supporters throughout his professional career. There’s an army of haters, too. They like to call Brady a cheater and someone who only throws checkdowns and let’s his targets do everything else. Is Brady really a checkdown quarterback?

If you still have some doubts regarding Brady’s greatness, please go through the following numbers. You’ll figure it out. Hopefully.

Dana White is one of the loudest supporters Brady has on his side.

“Everybody was talking sh*t this year,” White said. “Everybody was talking, ‘Oh, he should retire. Oh, the Patriots suck, they can’t win a game.’ We’re heading into another AFC Championship and if we win I think that’s 8 straight AFC Championships. And, it’s a record and he’s going to another Super Bowl. So, shut up!! He’s shoving it up all the haters’ asses one more time and I love it.”

Brett Favre knows that Brady is the best, and knows what motivates him.

“We have to have something that motivates us, and what Tom is saying there is motivating him,” he explained. “You know, you go, ‘why does he need anything else to motivate him?’ It’s what makes him who he is, and what makes him so great is that, yeah, he knows what he’s done. He’s well aware of where he stands in the National Football League, not only presently, but in the history. Now, he’s not going to talk about it, but as long as he’s still playing, that fire within him is going to burn when you speak negatively about (him) or his team.”

The Patriots quarterback is grateful for all the support he’s been receiving throughout his career. If you ask him, Brady will say that he plays for two teams – his family and the Patriots.

“I had the privilege of speaking to my teammates, my brothers, and our whole extended football family last night as we celebrated our 2018 championship season,” Brady wrote on Instagram. “I’ll never take these moments for granted and I deeply appreciate everyone who supports us year in and year out. I play for two teams, the Patriots and my family! And of course you our incredible fans. I always try to make you proud, and we couldn’t do it without you. From my family to yours, thank you.”

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