Tom Brady Made Himself A New Cute Friend During His Vacation In Costa Rica

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his family enjoy their vacation in Costa Rica, and it’s the perfect moment to make new friends.

The quarterback surprised everyone with the photos he shared on his Instagram story. It looks like he really made a new friend.

This vacation will probably trigger an avalanche of reactions. Dad body? Anyone? Brady has been criticized throughout his entire career. Some can’t stand the idea that Brady keeps winning Super Bowls, while others trash his body. Brady is one of the oldest active players, and you can’t expect him to look like a model. Moreover, it’s all about titles. The TB12 method is based on that principle.

“When it’s more important to get six rings than to get a six pack… The TB12 Method is not about making you the MVP of the gym. It’s about living with vitality, being mentally strong, and enabling you to sustain your peak performance, so you can be MVP when it counts.”

Brady is well aware of this. The NFL accepted his figure in 2000.

“I was the kid that was the 199th pick that never had the body for it,” Brady said two years ago. “People didn’t think I’d play one year in the NFL, and now I’m going on my 17th year.”

He even posted a photo of the 2000 NFL Draft to celebrate his draft anniversary.

“19 years ago today the @patriots took a chance on the guy in this photo: Me (199) . Thank you to EVERYONE who’s helped me to prove them right! Also, did they stop taking these photos after mine??” Brady tweeted.

So, what keeps Brady this strong?
“The moment another player’s helmet makes contact with my body, my muscles are pliable enough to absorb what’s happening instantly,” he explained. “My brain is thinking only lengthen and soften and disperse before my body absorbs and disperses the impact evenly and I hit the ground. I know my focus on pliability has helped me avoid so many injuries and bounce back so quickly from hits.”

Brady’s looks aren’t as important as the number of rings he has won. Keep that in mind. So, let’s hope that haters won’t talk about his beach body.

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