Josh Gordon Shares Epic Week 1 Hype Video

Josh Gordon is ready to hit the field. He has already made a statement, and there’s a hype video, too.

“Before the 2019 season starts, I would like to address an issue that arose toward the end of last season,” Gordon said in a statement. “It’s been well documented that I have battled substance abuse for quite some time. Unfortunately, I did not take the time to focus on a solution to my problem until this past year. I am eternally grateful for the constant support from the NFL, NFLPA and the Patriots organization. I also want to thank my family, friends and all the fans who supported me while I addressed this issue. Going forward, I will not be discussing the details of my past. I plan to focus on the present and getting better every day. I hope people will judge me on what I do now and in the future. I look forward to being a member of the Patriots once again this season and doing my part by contributing on and off the field.” 

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Tom Brady is ready for him too. These two had some fun this summer.

“In general, I have had a great relationship with a lot of the guys — almost every single guy I have ever played with,” Brady said. “Relationships are a two-way street. That is part of what makes a real healthy relationship. I have had a quarterback-receiver relationship, whether it is with Julian (Edelman), or Troy Brown, or Wes (Welker) or Randy (Moss). We talk a lot. We communicate a lot and you want to see everybody that you work with and play with be the best they can be and you try and support and empower the best way that you can. “It’s different for everybody. Everybody comes from different places and I always try and do the best I can do. It’s served our team well over a long period of time. Every player who comes in wants to contribute and wants to do the right thing. I think this current team is made up of guys who have really worked hard, really put the team first and we want to go out there and perform well for our team, and our city, our fans and our family. I don’t see anything different this year other than that.”

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