Josh Gordon Releases His First Uplifting Message On Instagram After Knee Injury

The New England Patriots are happy to have Josh Gordon on the field, and he is happy to recover from his knee injury. The wide receiver feels really good after suffering his injury in the Patriots win over the New York Giants. He didn’t return to the field, but took to Instagram to show everyone that he is ready for another win.

“If you fall, fall on your back. If you look up, you can get up,” he wrote.

He didn’t show up for Tuesday’s practice.

But, he played really well with the team.

“It felt good. Good run game, good ball movement, once we started getting in that rhythm things started opening up. We wanted to finish strong, most importantly, finish every drive. I think we wore them down, kept the pace, kept the tempo going and then something changed. It was great.

“When we get to this juncture, it depends on how we want to see things develop. In the second half, we were able to start the run game up, get the guys going in the run game and with everything else – downfield blocking, offensive line. Tremendous effort.”

Similar to Brady, Gordon said it’s always a team effort.

“I guess that goes on [Head Coach Bill] Belichick, [Offensive Coordinator Josh] McDaniels, [QB] Tom [Brady], guys who see the field and they can make adjustments on the fly or second half adjustments, they kind of see it. See what the feel is for the defense, what we studied in practice, what has changed in the outcome of the game and making adjustments on the fly. We prepare for that each week and sometimes it works out.”

The Cleveland Browns didn’t want him, and the Patriots were more than happy to offer a home for the great receiver.

“It feels like I’m back home,” the veteran wide receiver said in September. “It’s a home environment — a family environment. I love these guys. They (rallied) around me to support me and show me love, and I appreciate that each and every day that I’m here. It’s just easy to come in and do what I have to do.”

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