LeBron On Opening Night Vs. Clippers: ‘It’s like the first day of school’

The Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Los Angeles Clippers on opening night, and it’s a game worth watching. The Clippers are packed with talent, and they have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The Lakers have LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

LeBron can’t hide his excitement about the season. He doesn’t really pay attention to his opponents, and he is actually focused on the game.

“Opening night is great. It’s like the first day of school. Laying your clothes out the night before. Just that excitement of getting things back going.

I love to play the game. I obviously had the longest lay-off of my career, so to be where I’m at physically and mentally, no matter who we opened up against. For everybody, Tuesday is a great day.”

LeBron didn’t play in the NBA Finals for the first time in nine seasons. His team didn’t make the playoffs as the Lakers had a lot of injured players. Well, this year it will be a lot different, and every Laker is ready to win.

Danny Green is as excited as LeBron despite all the struggles his team has at the moment. Similar to other teams in the NBA, the Lakers aren’t any near where they want to be at. But, they are definitely ready for the big challenge and the season.

Green helped Kawhi Leonard win a title with the Toronto Raptors. Leonard signed with the Clippers, and Green is a Laker now.

“Everybody’s excited to get the season started, but we know we’re nowhere near where we want to be at — most teams aren’t,” Green said. “So, even though it’s regular season, these games are going to be very much like preseason games.

“We just try to get better and win as we’re getting better and getting to learn each other — learn the systems, learn our identity and also how to play other teams and other team’s identity.

“But we’re excited from all angles: From the players, to the coaches, to staff to the fans and we’re going to have some fun with it but we’re not nowhere where we want to be.”

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