Lakers Give Concerning Update On LeBron’s Injury

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers lost the Christmas Day game against the Clippers. The loss isn’t the worst part of the game. King James was hit in the groin again. A collision with Patrick Beverley in the first quarter of the game caused LeBron to aggravate a nagging groin injury. This injury may cause the three-time NBA MVP star to miss some game time in the season.

“I felt healthy going into the game,” LeBron said after finishing with 23 points on 9-for-24 shooting, with 10 assists and 9 rebounds. “I got kneed in the groin taking a charge from Pat Bev, and it kind of set me right back to where I was five days ago.”

The Lakers don’t want to take any chances, and several team members have urged him to sit out until he is 100%.

Last Christmas, LeBron suffered a terrible groin against the Golden State Warriors. This was the first major injury of his professional career, and it pushed the Lakers out of the playoff race.

The injury that LeBron deals with is on the right side of his groin. It is not as severe as the injury he suffered to the left side of his groin last Christmas. However, it can definitely worsen his condition.

LeBron told ESPN the contact with Beverley caused his hurt area to “flare up.” His play clearly suffered from this point. Ten of LeBron’s 15 misses were on 3-pointers, and that’s the most 3s the king has ever missed in a game in his entire professional career. LeBron attempted just four foul shots and his drives to the lane were limited.

Although the team now has a season-worst, four-game losing streak, members of the organization already have urged LeBron to sit out and rehab his injury until he is completely recovered, sources told ESPN.

The Lakers have a back-to-back set coming up. They have the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday, and the Dallas Mavericks will come to Staples Center on Sunday. LeBron has rejected the notion of load management this season, and the team has listed him as day-to-day.

Players won’t lose the will to try harder and win games.

“We gave that one away,” Anthony Davis said. He recorded 24 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks. “We had the game, we were in control of the entire game; even though we let them get back in it, we were still leading by, I think, seven with six minutes to go. That’s a game you’ve got to close out, so like I said, we gave that one away.”

Dwight Howard shares the same opinion.

“We’re still the best team,” the center said. “After tonight, let it go. It’s just another game. Of course, we all wanted it. I think everybody in L.A. that’s a Lakers fan wanted to see us win tonight. But like I told you guys a couple of days ago, we want to be the best team in June. We want to be the team that’s holding up the trophy, and I think when we do that, nobody will remember the game that we lost on Christmas.”

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