Tom Brady Has New Incentive To Stay With Patriots And Involves Josh McDaniels

Ian Rapoport from NFL Network reported that the Cleveland Browns passed on Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in favor of Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski. This decision surprised almost everyone in the NFL as McDaniels was considered a top choice for the team. McDaniels was pretty picky about his new job, and he left the Indianapolis Colts despite the fact that he agreed to coach them. McDaniels had an interview on Friday morning, and Rapoport said the Browns deal is one he has long coveted.

“This is a job, from what I understand, that McDaniels really wants,” Rapoport said. “That he’s dreamed about since he was a kid.”

This is sort of great news for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. He delayed McDaniels’ interviews, and it looks like Joe Judge is the only assistant Belichick will love in the offseason. The New York Giants have already hired the former special teams coordinator to fill the vacant spot.

McDaniels and Tom Brady have a strong relationship. McDaniels is back with the Pats now and this increases the chance of seeing Brady in New England in March.

TB12 is expected to hit free agency this spring, and McDaniels’ future may affect his decision.

Belichick decides for McDaniels

Belichick is the one who makes decisions, and we will have to wait and see what happens next in Foxboro.

“Everybody’s situation on the team is different,” Belichick said. “There are now two that are exactly the same. But the future is the future for all of them just like it is for Tom and anybody else you want to bring up.

“Certainly Tom is an iconic figure in this organization, and nobody respects Tom more than I do. But I respect all the other players and all the other coaches in this organization, too.”

Belichick likes his star quarterback, but this doesn’t even hint a thing about Belichick’s future with the Patriots. The quarterback has yet to make a decision. He may retire, and there’s also chance for us to see Brady sign with a different team. The Los Angeles Chargers are considered an option as noted by Jay Glazer.

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