Fan Shares Inspiring Story How Kobe Bryant Saved 8-Year-Old Kid Life

Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others died in a helicopter crash in a California hillside. The basketball world was left in shock, and fans mourn over the sudden death of the Lakers legend. A lot of people arrived at Staples Center to pay respect. One of these people shared a special connection to Kobe. For Jeffrey McKenzie, Kobe was much more than just an NBA star. He was an inspiration that kept him going when life was hard. Kobe Bryant was important for this fan.

When he was a kid, doctors told McKenzie that he wouldn’t live past the age of five. The poor kid was diagnosed with a debilitating blood disorder sickle cell anemia. Sadly, McKenzie spent a big portion of his childhood in a hospital. For McKenzie, the hospital was his first home. Today, McKenzie is 28. He spoke with CBS Evening News about Bryant’s role in his life. He also talked about the impact Kobe had on his life.

Kobe Bryant made his fan happy

The days were long, and McKenzie had one wish. He wanted to meet his idol. Kobe Bryant. The Make-A-Wish Foundation reached out to the kid, and asked him to make a wish. His answer was already here.

“You can have three wishes and I gave them, meet Kobe Bryant, go to a Lakers game to meet Kobe Bryant and meet Kobe Bryant,” he said. “He was like my superman. I had to meet him.”

At 8, the kid met his superman. Kobe didn’t come accompanied with cameras. It was just the boy, his family and himself. McKenzie’s mom, Linda, was impressed with Kobe’s move. During his lengthy career, Kobe granted wishes for over 200 children. According to Make-A-Wish, Bryant was “one of the most-requested athletes from kids.”

“At first I freaked out. I was just like stunned,” McKenzie said of the meeting.

The boy and Bryant met again when his mom took him out of the hospital. They also met outside the team locker room.

“I literally look at him like one of my fathers. Like my dad and Kobe Bryant, those are the top two men in my life,” he said.

Bryant’s words spanned beyond the basketball court. He spoke about his daughters and the importance of his family. This made fans love him even more.

“I hope I have all girls now,” McKenzie said. “I wanna be a girl dad. Wanna be there for my daughters like he was.”

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