Tedy Bruschi Has Perfect Reaction To News Of Matthew Slaters’s Contract Extension

The New England Patriots offered captain Matthew Slater a contract extension. Both sides agreed to a contract. The information brought joy to every member of the Patriots family. Slater has a key role on the Patriots roster. Head coach Bill Belichick needs him in the winning formula. A lot of present and former Patriots players reacted to Slater’s contract extension. Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

Slater will return to the Gillette Stadium this spring. His return has prompted legends to share their excitement.

Slater and the Patriots reached an agreement on a two-year contract Friday. The 34-year-old special teams veteran will play his 13th and 14th season with the Patriots. He was actually offered the same contract as two years ago.

Cornerback Jason McCourty has reached an agreement with the Patriots too. He was one of the many players excited to see the big news. He took to Twitter to share his excitement. Well, he used the same account he shares with his Devin. His twin brother will soon be free agent. Let’s not forget that Slater breaks down the locker room after every game his team wins.

Tedy Bruschi is impressed

Former Patriots linebacker Bruschi took to his Instagram account to share his thoughts.

“Good news for the weekend! How we feel about Matthew Slater getting a new contract?! #AwwwwwYeah Congrats, Captain #Patriots”

Before reaching an agreement, Slater was one of the 19 Patriots players set to enter the open market on March 19. Quarterback Tom Brady is one of them. Kyle Van Noy is also set to become an unrestricted free agent.

Brady’s current situation shocks everyone. Fans are trying to make a prediction on his next move. According to recent reports, Brady talked to the team and received a terrible offer. This report suggests that Brady was offered a one-year deal. It’s worth much less than the deal he received last season. TB12 is the greatest quarterback in the NFL, and he may be interested in a better deal. Let’s see what happens by Wednesday. Will Brady break ties with head coach Belichick and the organization these days? If yes, where will he go?