Kobe Was Late For Game, Arrived With Airplane And His Uniform On At Halftime And Won The Game

Carmelo Anthony has one of the most incredible Kobe Bryant stories you will ever hear. In a recent Instagram session, Melo talked about Kobe and the success he had on the floor. When asked about the best game he has ever played, Melo talked about the one they had in Denver. The Black Mamba was late for the game, and he arrived at halftime. Yes, Kobe was late and he won the game. Simple as that.

This story will inspire a lot of young players, and we believe that it will bring back some of the old memories you may have forgotten.

Do you know that Kobe arrived in full uniform and his shoes tied? This man was incredible. For many, he was the GOAT. Kobe was the most competitive player on the planet, and this competitiveness helped him win games. He spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and helped the team win a few titles. The Lakers were unable to win a title without Kobe.

Melo will always remember the time when Kobe won a game with his magic

When it comes to Melo, he had an excellent relationship with the Black Mamba. His team was among the 16 teams that played in the wake of Kobe’s death on Sunday. The Portland Trail Blazers outlasted the Indiana Pacers 139-129.

Melo knows that Kobe wuld have wanted him to play. It was the hardest game he had to play and it was really tough.

Melo and Kobe became close during two Olympic golg medal runs in 2008 and 2012.  Melo was Team USA’s all-time leading scorer. He learned a lot from Kobe and improved his game. Their friendship extended beyond the court. Their relationship was deeper than basketball. It was more than family. They were friends. According to Melo, “basketball was the last piece of connective tissue between us two.”

Anthony said he heard of Bryant’s death from his wife LaLA. She called him crying, and he arrived in Portland with his son on Sunday morning. He couldn’t think about basketball. Everything was dark and bad. Melo couldn’t believe that his friend was gone. He will always remember Kobe’s greatness.