LeBron James Sends Message For Los Angeles Lakers Fans

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James must have been really lonely last night. The king of basketball took to Twitter to deliver a message for his fans. LeBron really misses the court. He isn’t used to this much rest. Moreover, LeBron isn’t convinced that this rest will work well for him.

LeBron misses playing at the Staples Center. He had his last game a few weeks ago. We don’t know when games will resume. It’s hard to make a prediction at this point. The number of infected people keeps going up, and the situation doesn’t look good at all.

King James has been isolating in his Southern California home. He can’t wait until NBA games resume. Hopefully, this will happen this summer.

“I miss y’all so so much and putting on that uniform every night along with my brothers!!!” LeBron tweeted out on Friday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers had a really good season. They were 49-14 on the season, and this is the second best record in the NBA.

LeBron and the Lakers are ready to go

If NBA officials plan to jump into the postseason upon the return, King James and his team would have to defeat the Memphis Grizzlies (32-33) in the first round. Grizzlies players lead the Portland Trail Blazers (29-37) and the New Orleans Pelicans (28-36) by 3.5 games for the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference.

Vogel’s team trails Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks (53-12) by three games for the right to home court this summer. The NBA may not apply this rule, and the Finals can easily be scheduled on a neutral site.

LeBron is ready for the challenge, and the same applies for every player in the NBA. Basketball fans aren’t used to getting this much rest at this point of the season.

Two Lakers players tested positive, but they have shown no symptoms. Fifteen players have the virus, but their condition is stable at the moment. The Knicks owner also tested positive. Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz was the first basketball player to receive positive results. That’s why the NBA decided to shut down the season.