LeBron James’ Spending His Vacation in $75,000-per-week Caribbean Spot

LeBron James took his career in a different direction, and he really deserves a vacation after the stressful period. LeBron had to make a bold move, and everything was so tense. He had the Cleveland Cavs on one side and other top teams on the other. King James considered Los Angeles a top destination. The deal was sealed, and the king thought it was time for a decent Caribbean vacation.

Yes, a Caribbean vacation is the right way to celebrate big events.

LeBron James had this plan in his mind for quite some time now. He also spent a week having fun on the island of Anguilla.


James stayed in a fancy villa on Meads Bay. He didn’t forget to surprise his fans with a few Instagram posts documenting the exotic getaway.

The information was confirmed by The Anguilla Tourist Board, noting that King James stayed in the ultra luxurious Beach House Anguilla.

The vacation was highlighted with a video of LeBron’s traveling companions. They were all jumping off a nice cliff in Anguilla’s Little Bay.

Some said James doesn’t have the courage to jump off the cliff himself, and he didn’t have any other alternative but posting a video of his awesome jump. The Caribbean water sure feels nice…

“Everyone asking me if I really jumped earlier from my story early on today, well here you go!” the king wrote.

Anguilla suffered a major disaster after Hurricane Irma destroyed the area. Although it’s still in the process of rebuilding the tourism sector, the place looks amazing.

James LeBron like spending time on the Caribbean. The Bahamas are his favorite. This is his top vacation spot, and he likes to go there every year.

Will LeBron change his plan for the his next year’s vacation? Who knows… Maybe he will hit the Caribbean again.

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