Lakers Player Hits Back With A Solid Response To Hate Messages

Things got really crazy in the past few days. It looks like a lot of people don’t really like the idea of being stuck at home for so long. Everyone has enough time to speak their mind on numerous topics. For many people, now is the perfect time to hate everyone. So wrong! Social media platforms have become a battlefield. Everyone feels free to share their opinion about the Los Angeles Lakers and other NBA teams. Some of the comments are full of hate. A Lakers player found the perfect way to shut down the hate.

Jared Dudley had the perfect response to a fan who criticized his skills. This person was convinced that the Los Angeles Lakers wouldn’t resign him. Dudley had great success as developmental player with the Lakers. His game still boosts young players who need experience. Dudley has awesome three-point range, and he is not really angry about all the comments out there. According to him, these comments are nothing like motivation. The 34-year-old has plenty of time to read and reply to the most hilarious comments.

A Lakers player was hit with a doze of hate

One person said he begs the Los Angeles Lakers to re-sign him in 2021.

What did Dudley say?

“I’m here for the betterment of league and future generations of players. Long after I’m done playing I will still be working in this league. No season means no revenue and New CBA… I never beg brother, but let’s just wait and see if your right.”

The Los Angeles Lakers won the top of the West. They had the best record in the NBA, and the team has developed excellent chemistry. Los Angeles last won a championship in 2010. Kobe Bryant was leading the team back then.

This season, the Lakers have LeBron, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso and many other talented players. November was the Lakers’ best month. They had a 14-1 record, and only lost the game to the Toronto Raptors.

Lakers players can’t wait for the season to resume. They are hungry for a title, and hopefully, they will get a chance to win one. It’s time for a big change.