Patriots’ Bill Belichick Finally Answers Why He Cut His Sleeves

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick cuts the sleeves of his gray hoodies. Belichick isn’t the most fashionable guy in the NFL and everyone knows that. We have been able to see him walking along the sidelines wearing a gray hoodie with cut-off sleeves. All the time. Is this a tradition or something? Why would he cut the sleeves of his hoodies?

Patriots insider Tom E. Curran is here to answer your questions. Curran explains that the Patriots coach had his gray hoodie on during the team’s Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles. He was really uncomfortable and decided to change his gear. Next fall, the head coach got a pair of scissors and cut off his sleeves. When asked about this, Belichick said, “My arms are too short.”

One of the staffers wanted to help him, but the coach said he was fine. In this way, Belichick made his own game-day outfit that was “designed to allow one to work as efficiently as possible toward the singular goal of winning.”

Yes, you can tell there’s zero concern towards fashion. Belichick likes his sleeves cut off. In 2021, Dan Wetzel from Yahoo Sports reported that Coach B didn’t like the NFL mandate that forces coaches to wear Reebok apparel. He grabbed a gray hooded sweatshirt and cut off the sleeves.

“It’s comfortable,” Belichick said back then. “I carry my stuff in my pouch.”

Bill Belichick better keep his sleeves on

Mike Dussault from and Bob Yoon from Pats Propaganda have made a list of Belichick’s records.

Record in games coached in cut-off sleeves: 65-24 (73.0 percent)
Record in games coached short- or long-sleeves: 202-68 (74.8 percent)

So, yes, Belichick does much better when he doesn’t use his scissors.

Belichick has lost three Super Bowls while wearing a gray hoodie with chopped-off sleeves. We’d like to ask him to keep his sleeves on. The Patriots like to win games, and Belichick will have to keep his sleeves on to achieve that. The Patriots are off to a good season, and they will play this one without Tom Brady. Will the coach keep his sleeves on?