Details Emerge On Connection Between Jarrett Stidham And Julian Edelman Ahead Of 2020 Season

The New England Patriots will play their first season without quarterback Tom Brady for the first time in 20 years. Brady was a key player in the Patriots organization and helped head coach Bill Belichick build a dynasty. Coach B has Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer on the roster at the moment, and he also signed two undrafted free agents following the 2020 NFL Draft. According to the latest reports, Jarrett Stidham and wideout Julian Edelman have been working together this offseason.

Let’s focus on Brock Holt’s post and his offer. The former Boston Red Sox utility man shared a video of him running routes and catching passes from one of his “teammates.” Holt tagged the Patriots wideout and quarterback, and made his offer. He suggested a potential teaming up. Stidham had the perfect response. “We’ve been at it… Where you at bro?!” the Patriots quarterback wrote.

Jarrett Stidham and Julian Edelman work together

A lot of fans got confused. What was Stidham trying to say? Been “at it?” Stidham literally told Holt that he’s been working with Edelman. Well, it’s not like Holt and Stidham would play together. He will probably throw passes to Edelman.

Mike Reiss had something to say about this. He added the right spice to the pot.

“Stidham and Edelman seeing each other almost every day, “ Reiss wrote. “Both in Massachusetts.”

We don’t know whether Stidham will go under center in September. One thing stands for sure. Stidham and Edelman have developed a really great connection together. This connection will be of great help for the Patriots in the near future. The team lost Brady, and they need a strong quarterback-wideout connection. Is Stidham the right replacement for the GOAT?

When it comes to Brady, he will no longer throw passes to Edelman. He is now playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rob Gronkowski came out of his retirement to join the Bucs and his favorite quarterback. It turns out this was the only condition he had to unretire. Let’s see how will they work in Tampa.

The Patriots have a different roster this time. Is Stidham strong enough to lead the team?