Stephen A. Smith Had Wild Reaction To Cam Newton’s Deal With Patriots

Stepehn A. Smith is getting a little crazy. Patriots fans are getting a little crazy. Everyone is getting a little crazy. Cam Newton will sign a deal with the New England Patriots, and he may even replace Tom Brady in September. The GOAT left the organization after twenty years, leaving the Pats with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. Is Newton the right replacement for TB12? Is this why head coach Bill Belichick didn’t select a quarterback in the NFL Draft? Things got really awkward in New England. The Patriots didn’t really show any interest in the former Carolina Panthers quarterback. And now they are signing him.

What does Stephen A. Smith say about this?

The Patriots got the 31-year-old veteran and offered him an incentive-laden deal. This deal surprised every NFL fan. The sports world was shocked. A lot of current and former players spoke their minds on social media. Smith didn’t miss the chance to share his thoughts.

The co-host of ESPN’s “First Take” took to Twitter to speak.

“OK, Cam. OK, Cam — I see you, I see you,” Smith said. “Willing to go to New England, succeed — to be the successor to Tom Brady? Oh my goodness. I like it. I like it. Can New England win the Super Bowl again? Can they do it again? I don’t know, Patrick Mahomes. Don’t know, Deshaun Watson. I don’t know, Lamar Jackson. Don’t know. I don’t know. But I love it. Cam, I hear you, bro.”

Cam has so much to do after signing his deal with the Patriots

Smith made a pretty bold assumption. Newton hasn’t been completely healthy and good in the past two seasons. He had so much to do with the Panthers. He will have to convince the Patriots that he is the right person to replace Brady.

Brady was a dominant force. He led the Patriots to many Super Bowls. He helped them win six. Now he is gone and the team has to find a different winning formula. Stidham is a great player and he has a nice rush. He will be a good fit. But, signing Newton takes the game to a different level. He was an NFL MVP in 2015.