LeBron James Fans Are Furious With NBA Analyst’s Comment

LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time and his fans know this. He sits on top of almost every list, and many say that he is better than Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan. But, one NBA analyst put him low on his list. It’s hard to believe that LeBron is not someone’s No. 1.

Former Houston Rockets champion and analyst for Turner Sports says that LeBron is not really inside his top 10. His controversial top 10 shocked everyone.

“LeBron is in my top 10 (of all-time) BUT he’s No. 10… Kobe is not in my top 10,” Smith told Load Management on Complex Sports.

Smith has won two titles during his time in Houston. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t include Kobe in his list.

“It’s so much easier to score now that it makes it hard to judge guys’ ability,” Smith explained. “I was a good scorer, not even a great scorer. I averaged 17 points a game. At my highest, I think 18. In that year I probably would’ve averaged 25, 26. He’s great, but for me… he’s NOT in the top five of all-time.”

LeBron’s fans were far from pleased. They couldn’t believe that Smith made such a terrible choice. How can he make this list? King James has won three titles and he is the most dominant player the game has ever had. LeBron is 34 and he will finish his professional career at the very top of almost every statistical category.

LeBron James received a lot of support from his fans

Fans had expected reactions. They all defended LeBron and Kobe. Smith has earned himself a lot of enemies with these comments. He made a big mistake and he did it on purpose.

“Kenny Smith thinks he’ll average 26 ppg in today’s game, KD avgd 26 last year and 26.4ppg the year before. Get these old egotistical pundits outta here pls,” one NBA fan responded.

“Kenny Smith thinks that NATE ARCHIBALD is higher than LeBron and Kobe all time. one of the worst basketball takes I’ve ever seen,” another added.

Guess who supports Smith. Skip Bayless, of course.

“I actually have LeBron at No. 9, so I value LeBron a little more than Kenny Smith did,” Bayless said. “In just sheer killer will, LeBron does not have what Jordan had. That’s why I have Jordan at No. 1 and also why I have Kobe & Bird in the slots above LeBron.”