LeBron James Sends New Strong Message Ahead Of NBA Restart

The Los Angeles Lakers are considered favorites to win the title this season, and they will see the Milwaukee Bucks at some point in the playoffs. LeBron James is all ready to win his fourth title and he has delivered a really bold message. The king of basketball told everyone that he plans to win. He won’t go home without a big title. Maybe he will win the NBA MVP award for the season. His numbers are really crazy and he can easily win that game.

The NBA season will resume in July, and teams are getting ready for their trip to Orlando, Florida. LeBron used the opportunity to deliver a message to the rest of the basketball world and he did that on Instagram.

Adding Anthony Davis is one of the best decisions the team has ever made. He has been the right fit for LeBron’s game, and he also leads the team in points. LeBron and Davis have won a lot of games together, and they are ready to win this title together.

Many say that Davis is one of the best teammates LeBron has ever had. Maybe Dwyane Wade is his best teammate. LeBron and Davis are unstoppable, and they make the best duo in the NBA.

LeBron and his team will make a trip to Orlando, and they are on top of the West. The Lakers have secured a playoff berth and they will need to keep the top seed in the conference as long as they win a few of the eight regular-season games inside the bubble.

The great LeBron James delivers a bold message

LeBron took to Instagram to spread the word.

LeBron is in his 17th NBA season. Age has nothing on him and he is averaging 25.7 points, 10.6 assists and 7.9 rebounds per game. He measures at 6-foot-8 and his dominance will be more than needed in the next few months.

The NBA Finals are more than challenging for the Lakers this season. Davis will help LeBron win the title and they will have so much to celebrate. Let’s see how will the Lakers finish the season.