Nate Burleson Gives Cam Newton Advice Following QB’s First Patriots Season

Newly-acquired quarterback Cam Newton will soon make a statement with the Patriots. He is on a mission, and yes, he is ready to replace Tom Brady. Although that may be a big bite to swallow for the 2015 NFL MVP, Newton is determined to win. Nate Burleson has something to say about this. He advises Newton to keep this mindset and move on with his new team.

Newton was plagued with injuries in the past few seasons. This was one of the main reasons the Carolina Panthers had to release him in March. He left the team after nine seasons with the Panthers. Newton is part of the Patriots now, and New England is his home now.

Newton turned 32 in May. A veteran-minimum contract is the only thing he could get this offseason. The quarterback will enter his first season with the Patriots.

Cam Newton to lead the Patriots

According to Burleson says that Newton should shut down his fun-loving nature and embrace the chip on his shoulder.

“…I said some time ago that this was going to be a different Cam because he’s been through the ups and downs of the NFL and I’m talking about from an emotional perspective,” Burleson said Monday on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football. “When Cam first got in the league, he was like a kid during his first audition. He wanted to wow everybody. He was smiling, he was dancing. Cam was doing everything he could to make everybody happy. Not only his team, but every time he scored, he took the football and gave it to a kid.

“Cam was that guy and then all of a sudden he started being doubted and people started questioning him, whether he still could do it. All of a sudden, you realize that the world’s gonna love you, but as soon as it turns, they’re gonna hate you even quicker. Now Cam has seen himself become a little bit of the bad guy. When you realize you can be the bad guy and still kick butt in the NFL, it’s empowering.

“…So, for me, I do feel like Cam Newton is in a space right now that he should stay in. Don’t become old Cam where you’re trying to impress everybody. Forget that dude, bury that dude. Put that guy in a casket. Right now, live in this space, because this type of motivation will take you places you’ve never been and that place possibly is a Super Bowl champion. If you do that, Cam, everybody is going to shut up.”

New challenge for the team

We are more than excited to see Newton in New England. He has all the talent he needs to win the team to a Super Bowl. Well, the Patriots should first give him the starting job. Newton will probably compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer for the starting quarterback job. Head coach Bill Belichick decided to trust him, and Newton has to meet up the expectations.