Watch: Anthony Davis Beats The Buzzer With a Put-back Dunk

Lakers fans will be more than pleased to see big man Anthony Davis regain his dominance on the floor with a simple dunk. The Lakers big man surprised everyone with his one-handed slam and now he pulled out a nice dunk to hit the buzzer. Well, we saw this coming. Davis is not someone who steps aside. He conquers different heights every day and this time he showed fans that they have nothing to worry about. The impossible is nothing and Davis is a dunk master.

The 2020 NBA playoffs are right around the corner and Davis made a big promise. It was a message for his dear friend and teammate LeBron James. The Lakers had a few issues to solve and it looks like they have found the perfect solution to their worries.

Anthony Davis needs another dunk

Davis and King James struggled with their shots inside the bubble. LA lost four games, and the most recent loss came to the Indiana Pacers. Davis, Quinn Cook, LeBron, and J.R. Smith worked really hard to sharpen their jump shots. Did it work? Of course it did.

LeBron shared a photo of their magic, and Davis came up with a big promise. He promised to come back, and yes, he did it.

In six games in Orlando, Davis is shooting 39.1 percent from the field and 30.4 percent from beyond the arc. He has to do something about these shooting splits before the Playoffs. The Lakers will need the best of him to win the 2020 championship.

The same applies to LeBron. He is shooting 45.2 percent overall and 28.6 percent from 3. He and Davis have to hit their shooting touch sooner than later. The entire roster relies on their skills, experience and sharpness. LeBron is a leader.

The Sacramento Kings are next on the list. That will be the final seeding game for the Lakers. The team has locked the No.1 spot in the conference but they need to wins to enter the NBA with “some positive momentum.” Denver will probably take the No.3 seed in the conference.