Danny Green Opens Up on Being Cussed Out by Snoop Dogg After Game 5 of NBA Finals

Los Angeles Lakers veteran guard Danny Green received an unhealthy amount of criticism following the Game 5 loss to the Miami Heat, and Snoop Dogg wasn’t really happy about him either.

The famous rapper bashed Green for missing the final shot of the game. This shot was really important for the Lakers as it would have given the team a well-deserved win. Green missed it, and triggered an avalanche of awful reactions. Some people even delivered death threats. Yes, it was that awful.

Los Angeles did win the series in Game 6. It was a beautiful win for the team and LA sent Jimmy Butler and his team home.

Danny Green isn’t bothered with the comments Snoop Dogg made

Green took notice of the comments Snoop Dogg and other Lakers fans made. His reaction was sort of predictable. The Lakers guard went on “The Fat Joe Show,” and talked about it.

“It’s one of those things where I said during that time, and I don’t take things personally,” Green said. “I know some people even comedians, they have their memes, they have their funny stuff, their pages. I know they have to stay relevant, they have to make people laugh… He (Snoop Dogg) had posted a couple times and I am not taking it personally, but at the same time I know that, every time he posts people are going to draw attention to it.”

From what we can see, Green wasn’t really moved by the comments people made. Well, we can’t really ignore the fact that he helped the Los Angeles Lakers win their NBA Finals. It was the 17th win in team history and every Lakers player had a contribution.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis led the way for the team. Hopefully, the duo will be able to take the leading position in the upcoming season.

LA players returned home with the Larry O’Brien trophy. Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka will have to do a lot of thinking now as many players may opt-out of their players option. Will Los Angeles enter the 2020-21 season with its veterans?