Danny Green Reveals What an Early Season Start Means For LeBron James

NBA players have reacted to the idea of starting the 2020-21 season on Dec. 22. Los Angeles Lakers guard Danny Green made a few comments about the early season start reflecting LeBron James’ potential move.

According to Green, LeBron and players like him will definitely sit out the first month of the season.

The early season start may not affect LeBron James’ decision

The veteran appeared on The Ringer NBA Show podcast to share his thoughts of the potential early start.

“If we start in December, I think most guys [are like] ‘I’m not going to be there… to have that quick of a restart, I wouldn’t expect [LeBron] to be there for the 1st month of the season.”

The NBA season was suspended in March, and it didn’t resume until the end of the summer. Players lost four months, and the season ended a couple of weeks ago. NBA players are usually in training camp at this point of the season. But, the situation is pretty different and players expect a late start of the season.

Many thought that the NBA won’t start until January. However, recent reports suggest that the season may be underway on Christmas Day.

Prior to 2020, NBA seasons would usually finish by June. Players are able to get enough time to rest and prepare for the upcoming season, especially those who went deep into the NBA postseason.

But, the situation is pretty different now. Officials have a tight frame to organize everything. They may push things as quickly as possible.

King James may really use the strategy of “load management.” He will turn 36 on December. He may be pretty concerned about the idea of playing that soon.

Of course, this is just a prediction. LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers haven’t made a statement regarding this.

LeBron is more than ready for the upcoming season, and he may not need extra time to rest and relax. The four-time NBA champion would definitely want to defend his latest ring. Green’s theory may be a big nonsense.

It’s up to LeBron to make a decision regarding his next moves.