Watch: LeBron James Featured in Inspiring Stephen A. Smith Essay

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James earned great words of praise throughout his career, and Stephen A. Smith honored him in his most recent essay. The ESPN analyst released a three-minute video featuring the king of basketball and his greatest success in 2020.

Smith shared the video on his Twitter account. Smith narrated the video himself and made the whole project even more eye-catching. He found the perfect way to capture LeBron’s greatness throughout the terrible year. The Lakers superstar had great success on and off the floor. He is a big name and his influence was the biggest support the Black Lives Matter movement received this year. LeBron used his presence inside the NBA bubble in Orlando to deliver a message. His message was heard. He started off the More Than a Vote initiative to give the African-American community the right they deserve.

LeBron is honored in Stephen A. Smith essay

That’s not all. LeBron is also Time’s Athlete of the Year. This happened right after his big win in Orlando. LeBron put an end to the long drought in Los Angeles, giving the team the first title in a decade. LA hasn’t won a title since Kobe Bryant’s time with the team. LeBron arrived right on time and he worked really well with his teammates. They won the 17th title in team history and they will do the same again.

LeBron won his fourth ring as a member of the Lakers family. As a reward, the front office offered LeBron a contract extension.

The greatest of all time didn’t get enough time to rest and relax. He won his fourth championship in October and the new NBA season starts today. LeBron will enter another long season and fans still talk about the magnificent job he did in 2020. It was one of his best years and LeBron filled our hearts with hope, joy and happiness.

The kid from Akron will put an end to one amazing year and he celebrates his 36th birthday on Dec. 30.

Stephen A. Smith created a wonderful masterpiece and LeBron’s fans are definitely excited.