How LeBron James Spends His Dollars: Take A Look Into Lakers Star Expensive Watch Collection

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James has signed multi-million contracts throughout his entire career and he owns an insane watch collection. Let’s just say that LeBron is a proud owner of limited edition watches. Some of these pieces are too good to be true and come with a huge price tag.

We have listed some of the best watches in LeBron’s collection.

#4  The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore “LeBron James”

The $51,000 watch is impressive. If you love watches, you probably know that the L-Train is the bran ambassador of Audemars Piguet. The Royal Oak Offshore piece has an 18-carat pink gold case, “black ceramic and diamond set push-pieces, and a hand-stitched gray crocodile strap.” The brand has 600 made 600 watches with LeBron’s signature.

#3 The Rolex Day-Date and Rolex Sky-Dweller

LeBron’s Day-Date is made with diamonds, and the Arabic numerals provide the perfect detailing. It goes at $43,000. The Sky-Dweller has two time zones and Rolex’s SAROS annual calendar. The blue Parachron hairspring inside the watch is 10x more precise than most hairsprings. It goes at $33500.

#2 The Patek Philippe Nautilus and Patek Philippe 6102R

The $125000 Nautilus is an everyday watch. It was presented to this world in the mid-70s. It has a stainless steel body. That’s more than great for our habits.

The 6102R is a much fancier piece. It tracks everything that happens in the night sky, charting patterns of stars and tracks the Earth’s natural satellite and the moon’s phases. The price? It’s priced at $278,000.

The queen of LeBron James watch collection

#1 The Richard Millie RM 11-03 and The Richard Millie RM 11-03 “Jean Todt”

Here come the best pieces. 11-03 is the sportiest watch LeBron has in the collection, and it’s one of the most popular RM sports watches on the market. This piece survives explosive movement and goes at $373,000.

The Jean Todt is popular for its colorful editions. LeBron paid $140,000 to get it.

Prices go up and down and LeBron will sure get even better pieces in the upcoming period.