Julian Edelman Explains Why He’s Pulling Extra Hard For Jakobi Meyers

New England Patriots finished their season without a few key players. It was a disappointing season for the team, and players had to play under special circumstances. The Patriots have to address some of the questions this offseason. Head coach Bill Belichick will try to boost his tight end and receiving unit. Veteran wideout Julian Edelman missed a big portion of the season due to his knee surgery, and this opened a spot for Jakobi Meyers. Edelman’s injury resulted in a breakout season for Meyers. He had 58 receptions for 722 yards and no touchdowns in the final 11 games of the regular season.

This was more than enough for him to attract the attention of Pro Football Focus and ranked as a top-25 receiver in 2020.

Julian Edelman respects Jakobi Meyers

Meyers replaced Edelman and the veteran pulls for his teammate. Yes, he has a really good reason to do this.

“He was playing well. Jakobi was working his tail off and he was taking advantage of the opportunities he was given and he’s listened,” Edelman said last week in a promotional call for the marketing company, Superdigital.

“It’s crazy to see a lot of these guys that come into the locker room these days with a sense of entitlement, a sense of, ‘I was a big-school guy, I was a big-name guy.’ This and that. Jakobi wasn’t. … I think that has a lot to do with him doing as well as he is, because if he falls, he hits rocks. He doesn’t hit pillows like someone who was drafted in a higher class. He’s not given as many opportunities and he takes advantage of every opportunity.

“That’s why I’m pulling for him. That’s why I give him so much information. I’m closer to the end than I am to the beginning, and for me to live on through the game, it’s the knowledge you pass that you’ve learned.”

Edelman entered the league as a seventh-round pick. Meyers was an undrafted free agent. Both players played quarterback in college. Meyers became a receiver at NC State. Edelman finished his college career at Kent State and then switched positions in the league.