Metta World Peace Shows Special Lakers 2020 Championship Ring

Metta World Peace is unique in his own way and has a really special connection to the Los Angeles Lakers. Many would agree that he is one of the most hilarious players to ever get a role on a championship team. This time the Lakers rewarded him with a special championship ring from their 2020 title run.

The retired player took to Instagram to show off his custom ring. This piece commemorates the title, team’s history, and the memory of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

The numbers stand for Kobe and his daughter Gianna. You can also see an inscription reading “Artest Family” on one side of the ring.

Metta World Peace supports his Lakers family

Artest won his only ring with the team in 2010. He gave the Lakers defense enough toughness to contain opponents. Metta World Peace also did two of the most clutch plays of the Lakers’ title run.

In Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns, World Peace rebounded a Kobe air-ball, sending it to the hoop. This gave the Lakers a win at the buzzer beater. The game was tied at 101 and World Peace did his magic on the floor.

With just a minute left to go in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Kobe sent a big pass to his teammate who shot a wonderful 3-pointer. We all remember the all-time “No, no… yes!” These shots symbolize World Peace’s greatness and his excellent contribution to the game. The Lakers got a 79-73 lead and clinched the team’s 16th NBA title. LeBron James and his Lakers teammates won the 17th championship in team history inside the NBA bubble in Orlando. The good news? They will do it again.

World Peace is a great supporter of his Lakers family. He will always stand by his team, giving them all the motivation they need to win games. Truth is, the Lakers don’t really need motivation. Winning one ring won’t do the thing for Anthony Davis. LeBron needs to get more than four rings. Montrezl Harrell left the Los Angeles Clippers to win a title with LeBron and his Lakers. That’s pretty much everything you should know about this Lakers roster.