Lakers’ LeBron James Teases Musical Debut in Latest Tweet

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is successful on and off the basketball court. His business is doing great and his Nike deal is impressive. LeBron has his own production company and multiple endorsements with great brands. He switched from Coca-Cola to Pepsi, and we aren’t even mad. Everything he touches turns into gold. So, what’s LeBron up to? According to his recent social media activity, great LeBron may soo make his musical debut.

We can already imagine him having great musical career. LeBron teased this possibility on Twitter. Take a look at that. The king of basketball literally suggested that he has something big for the musical industry.

A lot of current and former basketball players have released their lyrics. Will the kid from Akron do the same? Of course, LeBron admitted that he doesn’t have the “thing” when it comes to rapping. He is not interested in rapping or stuff like that. However, he knows musicians, and his talented friends can easily pull out something great with his help.

LeBron James is ready for his musical debut

LeBron has a great relationship with many icons. He respects hip-hop artists. Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg respect the Laker. They are actually great friends. Let’s not forget that Snoop Dogg is a diehard Lakers fan. LeBron has a great relationship with Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and Nipsey Hussle. He has paid tribute to Hussle on multiple occasions. Oh, yes, LeBron also shared the stage with Drake and Travis Scott during a live performance of “Sicko Mode.”

We can’t wait to see what happens next. LeBron lives in LA. His business grows everywhere, and Los Angeles is full of opportunities. The good news? LeBron doesn’t chase people. They come over and make offers. He signs paper in his very own office. He is the king, remember?

When it comes to his game, LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready for the most anticipated game of the season. The Lakers will meet the Brooklyn Nets Thursday night. Kevin Durant is out for the night. James Harden and Kyrie Irving will have to confront the king on their own.