Colin Cowherd Suggests Lakers Consider Bold Trade Idea

The Los Angeles Lakers may trade some of the players on the current roster, and Colin Cowherd has an idea. The defending champions were eliminated in the playoffs. Phoenix looked really good on the floor and LA had almost no chance to win the game. Lakers fans are already calling for a trade. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel has a few ideas. He worked with players and yes, he can determine the biggest obstacles.

Colin Cowherd would trade Anthony Davis. Simple as that.

Fans would call for trading some of the players, and Cowherd has a bold idea.

On Friday’s episode of The Herd, Cowherd said that the front office should consider trading the All-Star forward rather than any other player on the roster. This trade may be difficult, but the Lakers will struggle to depend on the big man in the next few years. He got a huge deal and the team won’t be able to build the team around him.

“This morning Laker fans are saying, ‘trade everybody!’” Cowherd said. “Actually I’d consider trading AD.”

AD missed most of the season due to injuries. The big man finished the regular season with his lowest averages in pretty much every category since his rookie campaign.

Lakers may not accept the trade idea

Cowherd said that the Lakers can no longer hope to win with AD and LeBron. Davis has a long history of injuries and LeBron is aging. Building a roster around these two may not be that easy. Well, that’s what Cowherd suggests.

The Lakers traded for the big man before the 2019-20 season. He helped the franchise win the first title since Kobe Bryant’s retirement.

The 2020-21 season was bad for pretty much everyone on the team. LA finished the regular season with the seventh seed. They had to defeat the Golden State Warriors to make the first round. It didn’t help, and LA lost the first round of the playoffs. Let’s hope that players won’t go through the same in the upcoming season. Who will be the first player to leave the team?