Kyle Kuzma Has Strong Reaction to Bench Demotion

The Los Angeles Lakers are winning games without Anthony Davis. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel had to adjust the winning formula, and some players had to go an extra mile to fit in. Kyle Kuzma improved a lot in the season, and he talked about the Lakers bench. Yes, young Kuzma is willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win more games.

Anthony Davis will stay out for a month. Kuzma has come off the Lakers bench the last three games. His playing time dwindled. Kyzma logged three straight games of 34-plus games. He played over 22 minutes per game in the last three nights.

In the big win over the Golden State Warriors, Kuzma played 20 minutes. The young Laker shared his thoughts on the team’s game and his current role.

“I just got to control what I can control,” he told reporters when asked about coming off the Lakers bench. “Can’t control if I start or come off the bench. I just control what I can control. That’s where I’m at right now.”

Kyle Kuzma doesn’t mind coming off the bench

Kuzma struggled with his bench role in the past. However, a more mature Kuzma fits in and he learned so much from AD and LeBron James.

“I don’t really get the ball as much, so I’ve got to figure out ways to impact things, figure out ways to be on the court for this team,” Kuzma told reporters recently. “Obviously I’m a small/power forward and those two positions are the two best players in the league, so it’s going to be very scarce out there for me from an offensive standpoint. So for me, I’ve got to figure out ways just to do other things and just not be a zombie on the court like I was a lot of last year standing around. I’m just trying to go out there and compete and see where the chips are.”

Lakers head coach Vogel will have to do some calculations in order to help his players to get used to the rhythm.