Magic Johnson Tweet About The Dunk Contest Is Going Viral

Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson wrote a tweet about the dunk contest and he has a completely different approach to the situation.

One thing stands for sure. Magic Johnson is not a fan of the NBA dunk contest. Several other basketball names would definitely agree with him on this one.

The NBA dunk contest happened at halftime of the All-Star Game on Sunday evening. Obi Toppin, Anfernee Simons, and Cassius Stanley took part in this year’s contest.

Magic Johnson tweets his opinion on the dunk contest

We saw some really cool dunks on Sunday night, but the contest underwhelmed. Simons won the contest. The Portland Trail Blazers did his thing.

“TBH this wasn’t the most exciting Slam Dunk competition I’ve ever seen,” he tweeted.

Well, Johnson had some cool words for the champion.

“Congratulations to Anfernee Simons for winning the 2021 Slam Dunk Contest!” he wrote.

NBA officials will have to go back to the drawing board when it comes to upcoming dunk contests. Things don’t look really exciting. Fans are looking for excitement and fun.

Pretty much everything about the Slam Dunk Contest was different this year. It had one fewer player than usual. The number of dunks was reduced. The judging in the final round didn’t really rely on points. It was based on acclamation.

Simons beat Toppin 3-2 in scoring by the judges after the final round. His winning dunk wasn’t really flawless. The player tried to kiss the rim but stood too far away. Judges thought he was better than Toppin’s between-the-legs, switching-hands shot from the middle of the lane.

Five judges scored the first round  but voted on the winner in the final.

On the very first set of dunks, Stanley and Toppin went between the legs. Simons did his hops by taking the ball as it sat on a Nerf hoop above the rectangle of the board.

In his second dunk, Simons decided to break out the “Tracy McGrady Raptors throwback and a 360 dunk off the bounce.”