Bill Belichick’s Seat ‘Warm’ Before 2021 Season? Ex-NFL Player Weighs In

The New England Patriots are led by the best coach in the NFL. Bill Belichick has done some crazy things over the years, and he had a wild 2021 offseason. NFL experts praised his courage to go after the best players on the market. Most of them believe that the legendary coach will have a similar approach in the upcoming draft.

Belichick’s Tom Brady’ less season was disappointing. New England finished the season with a 7-9 record.  According to former NFL linebacker LaVar Arrington, the Patriots head coach may hit the hot season if the Patriots finish the season with a similar record.

“Having the type of season that they had last year can make you rethink a whole lot of things that you did in the past. That seat is warm for Bill Belichick,” Arrington said last week on FS1’s “First Things First.” “And that might sound crazy for some people, but Bill Belichick has to have a good season this year. And you know why? Because there are whispers — ‘It was Tom. It was always Tom. It couldn’t have been anything else but Tom.’ And Bill Belichick has to show before he gets too far away from Tom Brady leaving that it was not Tom Brady; that it was, in fact and indeed, the system of what Bill Belichick built in New England.”

Bill Belichick to select a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft

The Patriots re-signed Cam Newton. Belichick decided to give him a second chance and then spent tons of money in free agency. However, Newton’s first season with the Patriots wasn’t really exciting. His passing game was horrible, but he lacked weapons.

The quarterback question is still open. Newton is here and so is Jarrett Stidham. Belichick may draft a quarterback, too. Todd McShay from ESPN believes that the Patriots will trade up from No.15 to get Ohio State’s Justin Fields with the No.11 overall pick. Well, Fields may be gone by that point.

“So, (Belichick) has pressure on him, for sure. But I don’t think it’s realistic to think that he’s going to get a quarterback of Justin Fields’ caliber at No. 11,” Arrington said last Friday. “He would have to make a more aggressive move in the draft, and that is uncharacteristic of Bill Belichick, and I don’t see that happening.”