Dennis Schroder Was in ‘A Lot of Pain’ Against Celtics Due to Infection

Los Angeles Lakers fans have a reason to be worried. Veteran guard Dennis Schroder is dealing with an infection. I mean, infections are never good, right?

The veteran did play in the Lakers game against the Boston Celtics. He played through pain and his teammates were worried, too.

Schroder has been dealing with multiple injuries, but he was able to suit up for Thursday’s game. According to recent reports, the ball of Schroder’s foot is infected. That’s a lot of pain.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel praised Schroder’s competitive spirit. The veteran stepped on the basketball court as if it was nothing. He played like a real hero. Vogel praised him for that and much more.

“The foot was a problem. He really almost did not play, but really wanted to be in there. (He) was in a lot of pain, it took a while for it to loosen up,” Vogel said. “But he definitely wanted to be in there, and credit to him for gutting it out and playing through pain.”

Dennis Schroder finished the game despite the infection

The veteran guard played 28 minutes and finished the night with eight points, eight assists, and one rebound. He also connected on 3-of- from the field.

The Los Angeles Lakers weren’t able to forge a comeback in the second half of the game. They trailed 61-48 at the break and lost the game 121-113. This was yet another loss in the chart. LA has a 34-22 record at this point of the regular season.

LA plays without LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Players need to get ready for the next month. Schroder, LeBron and Davis have to be prepared for the postseason. The Lakers entered the new season as the top seed in the Western Conference. The team struggles with too many injuries. But, LA isn’t the only team to struggle with this problem. James Harden Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid and many other players deal with multiple injuries. How will teams finish the season? LeBron prepares himself for the postseason. The same goes for his teammates.