Julian Edelman Hilarious Single-Word Reaction to Gigantic Prospect

New England Patriots wideout Julian Edelman has been watching big guys throughout his entire career, but this time his reaction was hilarious. The 2018 Super Bowl MVP watched a video of a dominant high school offensive lineman.

Well, this kid looks pretty dominant on the field and even Mekhi Beckton (6’7″ 364 pounds) has nothing on him.

Edelman saw the video and said, “unit.” That’s all.

Gibbs measures at 6’5’’ 370 pounds. He is committed to the USC Trojans to finish his college football. Oh, yes, he is already using the social media to gain advantage.

Julian Edelman has a hilarious reaction to Gibbs’ video

Young Gibbs posted a photo when he committed to USC. Many people have depicted him as the Goliath.

247 Sports revealed that Gibbs is a three-star recruit who has to harden his body and boost his conditioning. If Gibbs hits the weight room and improves his discipline, he could turn himself into a 350-pound monster.

Patriots fans and players are well aware of the power of big men. Becton was dominant against New England before the injury. Big players are powerful and efficient on the inside of the offensive line.

Edelman is getting ready for 2021

When it comes to Edelman, he is still a popular veteran in the Patriots locker room. The wideout will turn 35 next month. Edelman was limited to six games in 2020 due to his knee injury. We don’t have much information on his current health condition. We also don’t know whether he will be ready to hit the field in Week 1. Edelman is under contract in 2021.

If the Patriots release Edelman, he will probably join Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Edelman has 6,822 receiving yards and ranks fourth in Patriots history. Stanley Morgan, Rob Gronkowski, and Wes Welker are well ahead of him.

Welker is the only Patriot that has better numbers than Edelman’s 620 receptions. Jules has 36 receiving touchdowns and ranks ninth. He is a tough guy who is committed to the game.

Of course, Edelman has missed some time in his career and an entire 2017 season. But he won the Super Bowl MVP in 2018.