Look: Clips of Alex Caruso Defense Go Viral

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, and players elevated their game at the right time. Alex Caruso was definitely a star and his defense went viral. Caruso is a fan favorite and yes, he is one of the best defenders in the NBA. The Lakers guard was actually the only player that showed in the first half of the play-in game against the Warriors.

Caruso scored 12 of his 14 points in the first half of the game. His defense against Curry helped LA win. Caruso’s defense didn’t go unnoticed.

Caruso probably deserves the All-Defensive Team honors.

Alex Caruso shocks Warriors with his defense and it’s viral for a reason

LeBron James is definitely a fan of Caruso. He has been one of his biggest fans since Day 1. They have built an incredible connection and their game is impeccable. According to LeBron, Caruso is the top star adding that he actually led the team to the win.

“Caruso has saved our a**, I mean he kept us afloat in the first half offensively,” LeBron said after the game.

“His attention to detail, just smart, very smart, knows what he wants to do. Always in the right place at the right time. He just makes plays, just makes plays. Some of them show up in the box score, some of them don’t. But tonight, they definitely showed up in the box score. I mean, he pretty much carried us in the first half offensively and we just had to match him in the second half.”

Caruso’s first two years with the Lakers weren’t really well. LA missed the playoffs in the first two seasons. Well, LA did win a championship last season. Caruso is on a good way to win another championship. He wants more than one.

“I’m really just trying to win another championship, man,” Caruso said after Wednesday’s game. “I don’t think too big-picture until it’s over with. Just love playing basketball. We got a good … team, like I told you a couple weeks ago. And I’m just competitive, man. I like to play basketball. …

“I think it’s just part of my progression. I’m going to try and keep getting better and better and better and part of that is being aggressive to score and a lot of times that will set up my pass and good opportunities for my teammates. So, I don’t really think too much big-picture to answer your first question. I’m really just trying to win 16 more games.”