NBA World Reacts To LeBron Comment On Steph Curry

The Los Angeles Lakers will play against the Golden State Warriors in the play-in tournament, and LeBron James has the right comment for Steph Curry.

The four-time NBA champion is not voting on the MVP award this year but he sure has a favorite. Great Stephen Curry.

According to LeBron, Curry is the NBA MVP for the season. It looks like LeBron likes everything Curry did on the floor. Curry and his teammates will play against LeBron and the Lakers in the play-in game on Wednesday night.

“We’re playing versus, in my opinion, the MVP of our league this year in Steph,” LeBron said following his Lakers game on Sunday. “We got to be prepared for everything they have. They have championship DNA.”

LeBron shocks the NBA with his comment on Steph Curry

Curry has zero chance to win the NBA MVP award this season. We can’t ignore the fact that Denver Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic is the favorite for the season.

Well, LeBron would pick Curry. The Warriors superstar is the scoring champion in the NBA and everyone knows it.

“Everybody counted him out this year,” LeBron said of Curry. “Everybody saying, ‘Now that Klay is hurt, can Steph lead a team on his own? What is he going to do? Can he carry a team on his own? Can he carry a team into the postseason? Can he keep the team afloat?’ He’s done that and more.”

This is definitely acceptable. LeBron has a few good reasons to say that Curry deserves the top award. Some guys in the NBA world didn’t like this.

Jokic will probably get the NBA MVP award for the regular season. However, Curry has a chance to get his award in the postseason. Oh, the king is here, too.

Wednesday is a big day for the purple and gold. They have to win the game in order to move on and go after the title. Everyone is healthy and strong and we can’t wait for the big day to come.