LeBron James Reveals Surprising Offseason Plan That Surpasses Team USA

The NBA season is officially over and the Milwaukee Bucks won the championship. Giannis Antetokounmpo earned the NBA Finals MVP award. He did an incredible job to beat Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns. Things got really quiet in the NBA. Wonder why? Everyone is watching the Olympics. Well, LeBron James didn’t join Team USA this year. He won’t help the team defend the three-peat reign over the international tournament.

The four-time NBA champion decided not to suit up for flag and country. He has other plans on the table.

LeBron may not play in the Olympics but he is definitely cooking something. Sort of. So, what is the king up to this time?

Paul’s Suns eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. LeBron and his teammates didn’t get a chance to defend the title. It was an awful development for the purple and gold, but there was no other way out this time. Lakers players struggled to stay healthy and both superstars missed significant time.

LeBron James didn’t join Team USA

This won’t stop LeBron from competing with others. He is hungry for competition and we heard that he has just asked for the ultimate Pro-Am run. Any recommendations?

Imagine LeBron dunking. That would be something you don’t want to miss. We all know that LeBron likes to take part in many offseason league to fire up fans who signed up to watch basketball. The king if taking the court?

The kid from Akron is no stranger to the Pro-Am circuit. We have seen him play a few games in the past. We bet other NBA stars will do the same. I mean, it’s a long offseason and they had to take care of their skills. The best way? Beat up the competition! LeBron’s former teammate Carmelo Anthony has done this in the past. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant did the same. Let’s see what happens this summer. LeBron won’t just sit there and do nothing. He was born to win!