REPORT: NFL Teams That Are Interested For A Trade For Patriots WR N’Keal Harry

Several NFL teams may agree to a trade deal with the New England Patriots regarding wide receiver N’Keal Harry. The wideout requested a trade and these teams may give him a chance to show off his skills.

Harry made his request through his agent on Tuesday. He didn’t contribute to the game and head coach Bill Belichick won’t think twice before sending him away. Well, NFL analysts believe that Harry is worth a conditional sixth-round pick. Awful, right?

Maybe the Patriots will keep him around and then cut him in August.

Washington Football Team

They like Harry, but drafted Dyami Brown in the third round. Maybe coaches will go back to Harry again.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons lost Julio Jones and they need a wide receiver. The team has Calvin Ridley and coaches could use another pair of hands.

Houston Texans

Nick Caserio selected Harry and maybe he will want to see him play in Houston.

Detroit Lions

Detroit has a lot of wide receivers but some of them may not make an impact. There’s a chance for Harry.

Kansas City Chiefs

Sammy Watkins left Patrick Mahomes’ squad and the Chiefs may look for a low-cost alternative. Harry is a good fit!

Belichick to get the right trade partner for the Patriots and N’Keal Harry

Head coach Belichick wouldn’t trade Harry for a sixth-rounder. He will probably keep the wideout around and give him a chance to show off in training camp. But, Harry wants out and he may not get a chance to show his true colors. Belichick would never keep someone who is forcing his way out of the team. Harry did that, and Belichick is probably planning his way out.

Truth is, the Patriots have several great options on the roster. If Harry plays his best football in training camp, he can easily become a fourth option behind other receivers. The whole trade-request thing bothers us and we bet Belichick is pretty bothered, too. Let’s see what happens with the whole let’s-trade-Harry saga. Belichick may be wandering around looking for the best trade partner.