Cade Cunningham Reveals The Truth on GOAT Between LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Who is the greatest of all time? Cade Cunningham made a GOAT pick between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The GOAT debate has attracted the attention to NBA fans and players. They all made a pick and yes, we all know who is the best to ever play the game.

The Detroit Pistons rookie and No.1 overall pick joined the discussion and his pick didn’t really surprise us.

Cunningham went on Mark Carman’s “Da Windy City Podcast” and shared his thoughts on the never-ending discussion. Is LeBron better than the Bulls legend?

Cunningham makes a GOAT claim, picks LeBron over Jordan

The rookie even said he has seen all the MJ stuff so far. He is convinced that LeBron is the best basketball player on this planet. A most young starts lean towards LeBron and we understand their reasons for saying this. They all grew up watching the kid from Akron become a star. LeBron is their role model and they look up to him. I mean, the king of basketball is successful on and off the court.

Here’s a fun fact. Cunningham is a Pistons rookie. He made some hilarious comments about LeBron and Jordan. We all know that GOAT discussions are always heated and mind-blowing.

Some NBA fans side with MJ and appreciate his time with the Chicago Bulls. They can’t stand LeBron and don’t even take part in the GOAT discussion.

This is probably the hottest debate the NBA has ever seen. People like to drop their opinion and fuel the fire. Jordan’s documentary was the cherry on top.

LeBron and his Los Angeles Lakers are on their way to a title. He has already won a ring as a Laker. The Lakers didn’t use the chance to snatch another trophy this season, but the front office brought some great power to the roster. LeBron and Anthony Davis can really use their veteran experience. Most of these players have made the playoffs and LA needs that at the moment. Veterans have accepted a big challenge, and some of them have yet to win a ring.