Christian Barmore Resembles a Former Patriots Star Lineman

Christian Barmore joined the New England Patriots but suffered an injury in training camp. What does that mean?

Barmore injured himself at the Patriots’ first full-pads practice. NFL experts are looking forward to seeing him on defense and yes, Barmore is considered an “absolute beast.” Patriots fans are excited about his performance on the field and head coach Bill Belichick expects the best of him.

According to experts, Barmore has a chance to make a chance in the game. Belichick needed this change in 2020, and now has the right player to keep on with his plan.

Did this make you think of Hall of Famer Richard Seymour? These two have so much in common.

Barmore has similar traits. He is 6’4’’ and 310 pounds.

Christian Barmore to win games with the Patriots

Similar to Seymour, Barmore plays inside and outside. Of course, Seymour played as a defensive end and the team used him as a disruptive force from the outside.

The Alabama Crimson Tide product joined forces with Mac Jones on 2020 FBS Champions and had 8 sacks for the team. The addition of this particular player gives the Patriots an incredible advantage in the upcoming season. Belichick appreciates skilled players and Barmore is one of them. We bet the best has yet to come.

Barmore has skills that no other defensive lineman in New England has. Well, Henry Anderson can contribute in this aspect.

Anderson had a banner season with the New York Jets in 2018. He had seven sacks and was a good disruptive force when healthy. The player has yet to provide similar performance.

If Barmore does the same magic he did for the Crimson Tide, the Patriots will win a lot of games. That’s exactly what they need in the upcoming season. Skilled players with versatile options. Of course, the 53-man roster will look a lot different in September. There’s plenty of time for Belichick to make another move.

Barmore was the defensive MVP of the FBS Championship game. He was the best of the best who played against the best team in college football’s biggest game.